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Sheet metal cone problems

Discussion created by Michael Durcan on Sep 23, 2015
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I have come across some issues with flattening a cone in sheet metal and with extruded cuts. I have separated the issues into 3 examples attached, which are:


  • The mirrored cone, when flattened, shows only one half
  • The cone with no normal extruded cut does not allow a normal cut setting and when flattened suppresses the cut
  • The cone with the normal cut had to have a redundant flat sheet added to allow the normal cut setting. This too suppresses the cut when flattened.


You might ask "why mirror a cone?" but it was a convenient construction as part of a larger multi-body part. Mirroring of sheet metal is alIowed and the result should still be  recognised as sheet metal. I had to abandon the swept cone completely and revert to a lofted cone with a more complex construction to avoid the extruded cut issues completely.


Considering that SolidWorks are launching 2016 with further enhancements, they seem to have not addressed some basics for the sheet metal industry.


I am using SW 2015 SP 4.0.