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Revolved swept cut with 3D Solid

Question asked by Marc Veenendaal on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Marc Veenendaal

I am trying to create a swept cut with a cylindrical 3D body along a 3D path to create a bearing surface that is continually tangent to the cylindrical body.

The challenge I have faced is that the part I am developing is made of plastic and the forces exerted on the bearing faces needs to be equally distributed over the 2 moving parts.

I have worked with Ruled sweeps and developed the existing Main body with surface tools. The resulting geometry however has points where the twisting cylinder does not touch the ribs uniformly.


The attached image shows the main body with indicative ribs in grey.

The position of the start cylinder in green.

The final resting position in Red.

Travel path in Green.


Any ideas would be welcomed.