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Solid Work is not working

Question asked by Sergio Garibay-Olivares on Sep 22, 2015

I use a Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 Tablet with windows 8.1 and core i7, and ultrabook. I am using the solidworks packet offer by the University, by the icons as well as all the buttons are too small, and not everything works, How can I fix this?

For example, not all buttons work when I click on them.

Here I leave some screenshots with some of the problems:



I already tried this:


"What resolution is the screen? SolidWorks does not currently scale very well with very large resolution displays 2k upwards. You could turn the resolution down to 1080p for when your using SolidWorks.


Alternatively try changing the text display style, this can be done by accessing control panel>display try this on 100%, 125 and 150 and see if any of these make a big difference for you or not."