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How should I dimension my drawing in the most efficient way possible?

Question asked by Nick Pospisil on Sep 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Florimond Laporte

I modeled a part for work and now I need to make a drawing for it. This part is very compact and complex so giving it dimensions is a nightmare and results in the drawing looking cluttered and unprofessional. The part has circular patterns for its counterbore holes, cosmetic threading and holes in the interior that can only be seen with hidden lines. Does anyone know of any tutorials I can look at to make my drawing as efficient as possible? By that, I mean when I send it to the manufacturer they can get the most information from the drawing without me giving a dimension to every little thing because the drawing looks cluttered and confusing by the end. I can't upload the part for file sharing purposes. But any help would be appreciated! I'm looking into how to call out threading and adding notes, but I'm still not getting anywhere. I'm very new to using SolidWorks professionally and want everything to be as good as it can be. Thanks!