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Listen for Filedropnotify event in C# addin

Question asked by Nick Sinno on Sep 21, 2015
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Hello all,


Recently I have begun working on an addin for my company, to more easily distribute, and run a set of macros myself and a co-worker have been developing. One of these macros uses the Filedropnotify event. Using some of the stock event handlers from the SWaddin template, I set it into the "Ondocload" event, and it works great except for the fact that he has a pair of sendkeys("Esc") lines in his code. What end up happening is that the sendkeys is sent multiple times, causing the numlock key to turn off  I tried the "doevents" to no avail.


My ideal solution, would be to really handle what his macro does, in the addin, using the filedropnotify event, or atleast fire a similar macro using that event in my addin, but I cannoot figure out how to listen for the filedropnotify event in my C# code!


I do want to keep the sendkeys("Esc"), or replace it with something which will still close dialog boxes, but wont cause the bug, if I cant get the filedropnotify to work.