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    Cosmos crashing

    Gary Garrison
      Our company makes wire grids and decking and we would like to run CW to test load capacities and such. In CW06 we were told it was not possible to run our assemblies with the program as it was written.

      I haven't been running CW07 since I installed SW07 but I would like to see if the CW07 updates like the beam testing would help me.

      When I go to add a study, and when I select the CW tab on the leftside of the screen lower section it crashes SW and pops us a runtime error (attached).

      Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? I did remove the add-ins for the unused poortions of SW that I didn't need like PDMW, and Photoworks.
        • Cosmos crashing
          Vince Adams
          Who told you that your problems couldn't be solved with CW06?

          I doubt that beams would be appropriate for your application due to the interactions of the wires in the grid. If you send me or post an image of a typical problem, I can confirm. Historically, grate, grid, mesh, and other problems are difficult but this isn't a limitation of COSMOSWorks, it is a limitation of the technology. Results from a beam mesh of a grid, especially if all the intersections are joined, will look deceptively appealing but the beam element can't capture the local behaviors.

          Shoot me an image or a typical part and I'll suggest some practical solutions for you.

            • Cosmos crashing
              Gary Garrison
              Nice avatar BTW

              I suppose I shouldn't say that I was told there was no way to get the results from Cosmos, but more precisely that noone I had approached at the time knew a way to test the grid. Technically this is not evidence of no no capability, I admit it.

              When I took the Cosmos Designer course the reps similarly had no clear (read: sucessful) method for testing the grid assy. Single parts yes, assemblies yes, a wire mesh grid no. It seemed the problem IIRC was that there was a problem with the round wire perpindicular intersections and seeing them as something as other than an infinitely small point.

              I welcome any assistance I can get on this. Our most common product is actually the same depth, but is 46" wide. I thought a smaller assembly to practice on would be easier. We typically don't have a large number of components (the nature of a grid), but it does vary somewhat.

              In a perfect world we would like to be able to develop something that we input the poundage we want to support with FOS, then an automated program "draws" it for us. I myself would be happy with being able to at least generate a matrix table for sales to reference capacities.
            • Cosmos crashing
              Gary Garrison
              I am still getting a full SW crash to desktop every time I select the CW tab in the feature tree.

              Any other ideas?