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SWE BOM using stacked components

Question asked by Kevin Vaughan on Sep 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Daniel Myers

We are using SWE for a control panel & trying to capture all parts for the BOM correctly- specifically for socketed din rail relays.


I can show the coil & contact on the schematic, and if properly associated with the symbols, they will appear with the corrct PN and qty in teh BOM.


But, how do I capture the base socket that is needed for the relay (Allen Bradley 700-HN222)?  I have heard reference to stacked componets, but cant' find any documentation.  I want a count of the sockets needed, but do not want any graphic symbol of the socket on the schematic.


Any help would be appreciated




PS - and why is solidworks electrical buried in Add-Ins on the forums?