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    basic dimension in table

    George Winslow

      How can I add basic dimension box around values in a table?

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          Adel Taheri Aval



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            Kevin Chandler



            My ASME Y14.5 isn't in front of me at the moment, but I believe it states that you can explicitly state "BASIC".

            Edit your column headings to read "A" (BASIC) and "B" (BASIC).


            You could also do a boxed note at both dims, boxing only the "A" and "B".


            Plus, (again, going on memory), with positional tolerances, I'm thinking it's BASIC by default.

            But it's usually best to be specific.





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              Matt Peneguy

              I don't know of a way of doing what you want... Though, I may have a workaround that can at least differentiate these values from others.

              Would it be "good enough" to have those dimensions placed with brackets like this [.1820] ?

              If so, you could click the sigma symbol in the table header row:

              Then by entering "[" then selecting the Custom Property then entering "]":

              Good luck.    

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                Andy Irwin

                OK, admittedly my ideas are only for the truly desperate...but here they are:

                1. Highlight the cells which will need basic dimensions and change the font to "Courier New" (or any monospaced font).

                2. Use Character Map to draw the box using special characters:


                Here's a picture of my table:

                Alternatively:  Way back in the olden' days, we used to "cheat" these in by simply sketching rectangles around the items that were basic.  It only works if nobody moves the table though!  (The sketched rectangles are not actually part of the table).


                Or, similarly:  Create Note annotations with Box borders of the basic dimensions.  (See Linear Note Pattern command).  Use these to "cheat" in the same way:  Place the annotations so they look like they are in the table.  (But, they aren't actually part of the table).


                I wish I could offer a better answer...

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                  Scott Kramer

                  Whenever I make a table with basic dimensions, I simply type the word basic in the column heading cell, like Kevin suggested.  But you should not have the word in parenthesis.  Just "A" BASIC.  There is no way to put a proper box around characters in a table.  Andy's suggestion is not good.  Sorry Andy.  Matt's suggestion is wrong too.


                  Your only other alternative is to explain that the column "A" and "B" dimensions in the table are basic in a note.  You can also use the abbreviation BSC.


                  We should suggest to SolidWorks that they add the ability to put a box around items in a table.

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                    Andy Irwin

                    Agreed.  Except, it's not a feature request because it is actually a bug report.  I made a picture to explain why it is a bug:


                    That is a General Table in the picture above.  It is allowing me to put all sorts of annotations into the cells of the table and some of them have boxes around them!

                    Only dimensions are not being put in the table correctly because they lose all formatting.  Other annotations work OK.


                    I am using SW 2015 x64 SP4.0.


                    P.S.:  I couldn't resist showing an amusing work-around in the property manager.  It's a Balloon set for custom Text which is parametrically linked to the dimension.  The lower-left cell of the general table contains that balloon.  Then, right click on the balloon and choose "Hide".  Obviously, it would be much, much better if SolidWorks would fix the bug.