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    Add in-context relation to exsisting part

    Razero Raz



      I'm wondering, wether if that's possible to add in context relations to exsisting parts in an assembly.


      So I know that if I have a part in assembly and instead of insert a component, I make a new component, then I can start my new part based on some exsisting relation/dimension and if I change those, it will be updated on my new part (I belive that what's called in-context).

      But waht if I already have had 2 parts and I put those in an assembly and I want to have a in-context relation between them. Can I somehow change an exsisting dimension to be linked to one of the other part's dimension?


      For example:

      I've had a box and a lid already made. Both parts's width is 100mm. I put them in an assembly and I want to delete the lid's fix width dimension (100mm) and add a new dimension but now linked to the box's width. (Like an equation: ="D1@Sketch1ofBox" or something like that)


      Thanks for the help in advance!