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Macro for adding a simple Sketched bend

Question asked by Bhavarth Sharaf on Sep 19, 2015

Hello there!


I am frequently coming through the need of adding a simple Sketched bend on the face of an edge flange.

My requirement is:

  1. The line of the sketched bend should be 10 mm away from the top edge of the selected face.
  2. The fixed face should be selected automatically.
  3. Bend Position : Always bend Outside
  4. Angle: Always 180 degree
  5. Radius: Always 0.001 mm


I know that similar kind of action can be performed by simply adding a closed hem.

But in Closed Hem, the minimum radius possible is 0.05 mm.

By using Sketched Bend, one can minimize it.


I would be glad if someone can help me in this.

It would save my hour.