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    using named views for predefined views in a drawing??

    Douglas Matlock

      Our company has implemented some fairly strict guidelines on the layout of our assembly drawings.  I was looking to make my teams life a little easier by using predefined views in a new drawing template.  This is simple as long as you want a selection of the 6 standard views or the standard isometric view.  These views do not satisfy my needs, I would like to use some named views.  I think I should be able to place a predefined view called "rear-iso" (or called Bob or Sue, it doesn't matter the name) and as long as there is a view of the same name in the assembly I am using, that view should pop into the predefined view.  However, I cannot find any way to predefine any views other than the standard 6 plus iso.  Can this be done?


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          Deepak Gupta

          You can try these steps:


          • Create the required view in the model (part or assembly).
          • Now start a new drawing and insert a predefined view (front or any of the 6 views).
          • Set that predefined view to reference the model and change the view to required view.
          • Save you drawing as template.
          • Click OK on the warning for views (if you get).
          • Close the file and start a new drawing for that model.
          • Check and add/modify as required.