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Help Me Make a Globe in SolidWorks

Question asked by Charles Culp on Aug 17, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by John Stoltzfus
I have been pondering a technique in Solidworks for a little while
now (since March), and have yet to come up with a good answer.

After hearing multiple people on this forum ask about how to
properly "wrap" text/etc.  I though I would try and
take it a step further, and wrap both along the X, and then the Y.
 To analyze this question, I imported a bitmap map of the
earth.  Then I traced over all the continents (except
Antarctica, lets not get ahead of ourselves), and tried to
"wrap" this around the globe.  I tried a few
techniques, but none of mine worked.  I then thought about
this (for months) but have come up with nothing.

Thus I pose this as a challenge.  Whoever can create the best
looking model of earth will win.  If any entries are actually
received, they will be judged first on "best practices"
for Solidworks techniques, then on accuracy to the real globe.
 PhotoWorks tools are not required.  Submittals (posts on
this forum) are due Thursday the 23rd.  Friday I will decide
the winner, or maybe add a poll to decide the winner.  It just
depends if anyone is interested enough in my little contest.

I couldn't decide if anyone would care enough to do something like
this without a prize, so I have a completely new Solidworks
button-up shirt, men's small, dark blue.  I have to note,
however, that it is bigger than most smalls, so it may qualify as
actually a medium.  I am not associated with Solidworks, nor
is this contest; so I'm sorry, that prize is all that I have to

I have included with this post my early workings, and the earth
image that I used.  Note that you will have to stretch and
crop it to actually fit on a globe, and even then it won't be quite
right.  I started to create a spline by doing a good job of
North and South America, but the other continents were a very rough

Good luck, and I'm interested to see how people approach this