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    How do I FEA 3D PLA material?

    Alexander Kim

      I am investigating the compressive strength on FEA through a Static study on Polylactic Acid (PLA), the material used on 3D printers. I acknowledge the fact that the material is Linear Elastic Orthotropic and because of this, I do not know how to input the corresponding properties to the their proper coordinate.


      Please don't give the actual answers (I'd like to learn how to attain it.) Guidance and step by step is much appreciated!

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          Siavash Khajehhasani

          Here is the step by step procedure to define a new Linear Elastic Orthotropic material.

          1) Right Click on any SOLIDWORKS database material and copy it.


          2) Right Click on 'Custom Material', select 'New Category'


          3) Rename it. In this case, I renamed it to "New Linear Elastic Orthotropic Material"


          4) Right click on new added material and click Paste.


          5) In the Properties tab, under drop down list of 'Model Type', select "Linear Elastic Orthotropic"


          6) Input values of your material properties in different directions or planes.


          7) Furthermore, if some of the material specs are depended on temperature, you can input then in the second tab: Tables & Curves, as follows.


          8) You can input them manually (in order to add another row, double-click on the last point number) or you can copy and paste them from a spreadsheet data points.


          Please let me know if it answers your question.


          - Siavash