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Description custom property disappearing on initial save

Question asked by James Kashuba on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by David Hinners

Has anyone encountered this issue? We use the custom properties Tab to fill most of our properties in, and the only one that has issue is "Description". I have approached it from three different angles and my findings are:


1.) If I have a new model or assembly and do an initial save, and then I fill out the custom properties after being saved the "Description" custom property sticks.


2.) If I fill out the custom property's criteria via properties Tab first and then save my new part or assembly, Solidworks removes or deletes whatever was filled out under the "Description" custom property.


3.) If I fill out the custom property's criteria via the custom properties dialog window (not the Tab) before initial save, oddly, under the "Evaluated Value" column the "Description" does not appear even though it is in the "Value / Text Expression" column. Furthermore, after I do the initial save it still appears in the custom properties dialog window but the "Evaluated Value" column is still blank. If I open the properties Tab the "Description" in there is blank as well.


What has me confused is that it is ONLY the "Description" property that behaves like this.


Any insight into this? Does anyone have this issue?


Using 2015 but was happening in 2012 as well.