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    Inputting yield strength data for an FEA using an added material

    Craig Sage
      Whilst using COSMOS to carry out an FEA on a product part I amcurrently in the development of, I tried to use a materialwhich I had input onto the database.  I have entered all ofthe physical properties to my requirements, but a message is shownin COSMOS which states that the 'yield strength' is not known. I am unsure on where I can input this data and as a result,have not been able to carry out the FEA.

      Would be really greatful if someone could point me in the rightdirection!

      Many thanks
        • Inputting yield strength data for an FEA using an added material
          Vince Adams
          Are you using COSMOSXpress or COSMOSWorks? If CX, scan thru the postings on this forum and you should find tips on adding/editing materials in that database. If you are using CW & it is already a custom material, simply type in the Yield Strength in the Apply/Edit Material form. If it is a library material without a YS, with the material data showing in the Apply/Edit Material form, change the source to "Custom" and then you can add or change any of the properties.

          Either way, you should be able to complete your analysis just fine without the YS. The solver only needs the Young's Mod and Poisson's Ratio to complete. The only limitation to not having a YS in the database is that a Design Check FOS plot won't be automatic and you'll have to type in an allowable stress in the DesignCheck Wizard.