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Multi-Angle Pinch Profile - HELP PLEASE

Question asked by Kyle Kiraly on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Kyle Kiraly

Good morning,


I have having some serious issues attempting to put the multi-angle pinch profile (drawing below) on the attached part(s).  I have tried using lofts, swept cuts and even some surfacing...which I am not too familiar with.  I consistently get zero thickness errors and that the operations cannot be performed.  I'm at a loss for what else to try here.



The internal geometry seems to be the cause of most of the errors I received in my trials.  Please note the multi angle (30° to 45° pinch off section view) butts up against the ID geometry whereas the OD has the straight angle which is no problem.


I attached (2) different part files I am working on with this.  The P383 I tried creating steps to help draft faces to the angles I needed but couldn't get that to work.  The P358 I tried using a surface loft and managed to get the 45° angle in but can't get the 30 to match correctly using a duplicate process.


I am currently machining these parts from existing programs I was given, but when a new part number/model is introduced, I have to develop programs from Gibbs to cut this pinch.  Most, I have been able to tweak existing programs from parts that were close enough to be within tolerance.  These are just a little too far off and it would be huge if I figured out a way to model this angle feature correctly.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!