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Unable to initialize Add In component

Question asked by Traian Dumitru on Sep 18, 2015

Hello, guys! I've just installed SolidWorks 2015 SP2 on a computer who just received Windows 10. Because the PC has a SSD, I've managed to get the installation only the 5th or 6th time. Basically, the first 3 times I tried installing it, the installation failed because I had not enough space on the C drive (I was installing SolidWorks on the D drive, but it needed space on C anyway). The 4th time I managed to install it without problems, but I've notice that there were 4 folders called SolidWorks Data and I've uninstalled the software (using a powerful uninstalling tool), I've deleted all folders containing the sentence "Solidworks" from the C drive an I've reinstalled the software. The Electrical component wouldn't install, so I skipped it.

Now, when I start SolidWorks I am getting an error message: Could not load SolidWorks DLL: GdTAnalystSupport.dll - this error massage can be seen in the attached pictures), after I press OK, the same message pops again and only after I press OK the second time I can do my job. Furthermore, there is no Simulation tab between Sketch, Evaluate, etc.) and I would like to make some simulations. And when I try to load the TooldBox, I get the error message: Unable to initialize Add In component (can be seen in the pictures). I've searched in the Options menu and the Path seems to be ok - attached pictures, there is a swbrowser,sldedb file in the "lang folder" (picture attached).


What can I do to make it work? Thank you!