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    Welding Symbols on Repeated Features

    Janek Popiolek

      Sorry, not really a SolidWorks question, but someone should know amongst the engineering clientele.


      Does anyone know of a document or standard that shows the correct way to accompany a welding symbol with a "NUM_INST" type of qualifier (2x etc.)?


      We have the standard for dimensioning, but I cannot believe you have to add a multitude of identical welding symbols attached to similar features..Yes, you can add a note somewhere alongside a symbol, such as "AT 12 PLACES" or put such as "12x" above your symbol or in the tail area (wrong), but there doesn't seem to be any literature around on a standard practice....




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          Mark Greenwell

          Hi Janek,


          In you general notes do as we do, and say.


          Fillet weld sizes specified are leg length (z).

          All weld Z8 Continuous fillet UNO.


          Then you only need to detail weld that are not to this fillet size.


          For butt weld you could probably do the same


          The Z8 indicates that all welds are 8mm unless noted otherwise.


          Screen shot taken for www.welding_weld_symbol





          Mark (SolidWorks 2015 sp4)