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Trouble with Multiple BOM views in Animation re Collaboration Settings and Filter by Callout

Question asked by Allan Bowers on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by Scott Harvey

I dont think how I want to use multiple BOM's is an unusual scenario. I have an Assy with multiple sub assy's.


I show the complete assy in the first frame with a BOM detailing the two main sub assays, i.e. the first level in the tree under the Root and Main Assy.


Then I ghost one sub assy in a frame and explode the visible sub assy in a new frame. I add a BOM to this view showing the description of the exploded parts.


I do the same with the other sub assy by returning to the neutral posn and then ghosting the other sub assy and repeat the process.


Now in VIEW mode this all works fine as the Filter Callouts Enable button in the Properties of the BOM make sure that only those parts in the view are shown in the BOM.


But when you switch to Animation mode this does NOT appear to work.


The problem appears to be in the Collaboration settings where it is either all ON or all OFF re the Callouts. In View mode they are ALL ON always and the Filter by Callouts separates the BOM views to show the correct list of Parts for each view; i.e. a BOM for each sub assy showing only its Parts in the particular view.


In Animation mode if all the Callouts are on then ALL the parts are listed in the BOM on every view even IF the Filter by Callouts is enabled.


Is this a limitation of Composer OR a bug with the Animation/Filter Callouts?


I tried setting a selection set for the callouts per view but whilst this works for a particular view/frame once selected it changes the views in the other frames, so it still doesn't work how I would like it to.