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Hole feature in assembly thread appereance problem

Question asked by Vilmos Geleji on Sep 18, 2015

I face Inconsistent thread appereance within same feature.


Cosmetic threads within the same hole feature (M10 Gewindebohrung2) appear variously:

- some correctly

- some without it

- one with a too big diameter



I have tried editing and closing the feature in hope it fixes

Have tried editing and closing individual cosmetic threads inside the feature (Gewindedarstellung)

Have tried editing the feature layout sketch(Skizze23)


The same appereance is experienced when I try creating a 2d drawing sheet.


Any ideas please?



Manually adding cosmetic thread to the two no-thread holes appears to solve those two, still what to do with the one left with that too large cosmetic thread?


Update 2:

Deleting the cosmetic threads called Gewindedarstellung inside the feature and leaving Bohrungsgewinde which could not be deleted, then rebuilding the feature regenerated all cosmethic threads with Bohungsgewinde naming. Now all appears to be well.


Update 3: only the 3d appeared ok, now the 2d drawings are all messed up. Broken-out sections show no threads.

I'll just make the hole feature again, hoping this time it'll be different.


My advice to anyone reading: avoid features on assemblies