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    Can I text on my drawing??

    Moisés Mj

      Hi everyone!!! I uploaded my drawing. I'm trying to make a soap. And I'm facing two problems: 1- I can´t write over and below my new soap. Is there any way??? I've tried to use Wrap feature, but I failed. Any idea would be great! 2- I want to write on both sides of my soap. So I wanted to copy the text created and later apply on the other side of the soap. But I fail to copy the text. Is it possible to copy text??? I've made some research about this question and I found nothing about it. Well, that's it. Thanks in advance for any help!! Bye!!

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          Andrew Kronquist

          Do you mean like this?

          See Charles Culp in this post. I uploaded my file too.



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            Jamie Brady

            Hi Moisés,

            I had a look at your model and I was able to get text on the surface as you require.

            One of the first changes that I made was to add a top surface that I could actually select and project the text on to.  To do this I kept your surface loft feature, except I added some guide curves (3D sketch spline) and I deleted the top line of your loft profile sketches. 

            This then allowed me to generate the top surface with a fill surface command.  I used the fill surface command again tor the end gaps.

            After this I used the knit feature to make a solid body.


            For the text I created an plane offset from the top plane.  I created the sketch text about a centreline that was the length of the part, allowing me to use the text features the same way I would in microsoft word.

            From here it was just a process of using the split line command to project the sketch onto the surface.  This is found under curves.

            Then with the split line laid down I was able to create a 3D sketch from it.  To do this i selected each Text letter on the surface, created by the split line.  Then selected convert entities.

            Then once all the letters were converted to a 3D sketch I used the standard boss extrude feature, except I gave it a plane reference to define the direction.

            Hope this helps, I've attached the model from the example too.  I made the changes in 2014 so hopefully it opens for you.