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Editing default hole callouts for two different types of "plain holes"

Question asked by Dan Frey on Sep 17, 2015

Hi all,


I am trying to update the default hole callouts (i.e. in calloutformat.txt) for different types of holes.


I have created a custom standard derived from the "straight holes" standard in ANSI metric and set it up how I want. So my custom holes fall into the "plain holes" category in Hole Wizard (as opposed to tapped, counterbored, etc.). My problem is, I want the default callout for my custom holes to be different than the default callout for other types of "plain holes" in the custom standard, like screw clearances or drill sizes. However, it seems that calloutformat.txt only specifies a single set of callouts for all of these types - the "plain holes" one. So I can edit calloutformat.txt and change the default callout for plain holes to what I want for my custom holes...but then it changes for the other hole types as well, which I don't want.


The callout formats I want are as follows (using thru holes as an example).

For my custom holes:

<MOD-DIAM> <hw-descrp> <hw-thru>

<hw-fstsize> <hw-fsttyp>

For screw clearances and drill sizes (I think this is the default callout):

<MOD-DIAM> <hw-diam> <hw-thru>

<hw-fstsize> <hw-fsttyp>


Is it possible to define two different callout formats within the same custom standard like this? Or a separate callout for my custom holes? I want to keep everything within the same custom standard.


I'm using SW2015. Thanks in advance for any assistance!