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Upgrading to Solidworks 2015 and Solidworks Explorer 2015 Solidworks Explorer does not work

Question asked by Rob Docter on Sep 17, 2015

Hey guys I am also having this problem.  I can not right click and get to Solidworks explorer and pack and go and rename files since I have upgraded to 2015.  And when I try to open Solidworks explorer by the shortcut on the desk top I get 2 errors

"The document Manger library is invalid please see your Solidworks workgroup PDM administrator"  and

"The DWG Document Manager library is invalid or missing. Please see administrator."  This one I get twice were as the other one I only get once.


And I searched it and got this response from someone's question This issue can be resolved by deleting or renaming the existing swdocumentmgr.dll file if it is present and repairing the SolidWorks or SolidWorks Explorer installation.  Since it says to delete or rename it I deleted it.


And I still end up getting the two error messages and as I said one of them I get twice.  Does any one know how to fix this I would like to be able to use Solidworks explorer for convenient renaming and pack and going quickly.


Thanks guys for the help