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    Assembly drawing, different position

    Igor Marković

      Right now Im making drawing of assembly I made earlier. I import view that i want, after that i go in assembly, move component in another position for the new view that I need, and view that I already imported change its position. 

      I actually need view of different position of same assembly on same drawing sheet.

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          Jamie Brady

          Hi Igor,

          It sounds like you could make use of the configuration features here.  I'll use this Spreader assembly below as an example. 


          As you can see in the assembly the jaws are currently closed.  I would like to make another configuration so that the jaws are open.


          To do this I select the configuration manager tab.


          Right click on your assembly in the configuration manager and select "add configuration".

          Name the configuration.  In this case I have called it Jaws Open.

          Now that this new configuration is active, I need to add a mate relation so I can define the open position.  As this assembly is missing quite alot of components I will just add a simple distance mate between two parallel lines on the jaws to define the open position.


          Now I can go back into my original configuration, named default and suppress this distance mate. Allowing me to close the Jaws either manually or my adding a coincident mate.

          This then allows me to be able to select which configuration I want to display in my drawing:


          Default configuration:


          Jaws open configuration:


          Hope this helps.