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Heat radiation between surfaces with different emissivity in a transient heat analysis

Question asked by Jacob Lengers on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by Sebastian Hötzel

Hi there,


i am trying to simulate the temperature development in an concrete block. The Block is part of an electrically heated oven. I figured out how to apply the thermal Power (Watt) to the heating element. But i am really unsure about how to define the radiation process from the heating element to the surface of the concrete block. I found the surface to surface options, But what makes me wonder is that there is only one emission factor (epsilon) to be chosen. But i have a metal (heating) with epsilon of 0,2 and the concrete with 0,95. Furthermore the temperature that i have to derfine ist strange. I assume that this is the air temperature in contact with the surfaces. I don't know its value.


I how a more experienced engineer might be able to help me.