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Sheet Metal Coved Corner

Question asked by David Smith on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2016 by Lee Wondra

I am looking for some help with creating a coved corner. I am making a sink table for restaurant use and per NSF Sanitary design all inside corners must be rounded for better cleaning.I am staring with a base flange and creating 4 flanges with a radius of 0.75" this works fine for the bottom, but when I try to add the side it gives me issues.


We make this using a flat pattern from a legacy ACAD drawing. I want to make a SW part and flat pattern. There are corner gaps which get welded closed and then it is actually rounded using a hammer and a jig we have designed.


Visually I can represent it using some revolve sweeps and other SW Voodoo, but I really need something I can generate a flat pattern with, because we are working towards being able to program our laser and press brake directly off SW models. Also the sizes vary.


Is anybody doing anything like this?


I have attached a picture of what we are going for, and file I have been messing with.