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Connecting issues

Question asked by Mousa D on Sep 16, 2015
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Is there any way I can make sure all my lines are connected properly? When I imported my AutoCAD file, I converted to entites, fixed my sketch and then deleted all the relations to be able to delete the imported curves and keep my sketch.


However, when I zoom in to the max the lines connected either deform or look like they arent connected.


I deleted alot of lines and drew them again in Solidworks, however same issue.


Nonetheless, when I import into ANSYS the lines aren't connect at intersection as well giving me a lot of errors and tbh frustration as it's been days trying to resolve this.


How can I get my model to be 100% connected properly! I never knew it will take that much effort to just connect lines into a single node/point.


P.S: I have attached my Solidworks for better understanding.


Any help is massively appreciated as I have been stuck for a long long time now.


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