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Imported model with same part names implosion

Question asked by Dean Long on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Chris Saller



I had a recent incident that I was wondering how you guys handle. I have to import STEP files from Altium (electronics software) from our EE side. The imports usually go okay with only a few rebuild oddities here and there. Our EE guys use a library of parts (resistors, caps, fets, etc...) that have specified library file names. For simplification let's call them R1, C1 and F1.


I imported three PCBA's into their own folders (Parts and Assemblies) and then assembled them into my main mechanical assembly as subs from those folders. The part names were duplicate in each folder (R1, C1, F1). I ran this way throughout my development phase and all was fine. The issues began when I tried to "consolidate" everything to one folder with my new production assembly names. I used a Pack and Go from one of the respective development folders to the Production folder one of the PCBA sub-assemblies. I decided to check the Top Level assembly after the first assembly was moved. When I opened the main, not only was the Sub I moved wrong, the two others were messed up with components off in space. I did a rebuild to see it that was the issue and it was not.


So I am confused is this is 1. a "cross-folder" issue or 2. a same part, same name in different folders issue or 3. a consolidation to the same folder issue or 4. a STEP import with similar names in one folder issue.


And why would my parts (with some of the same names) suddenly go wonkey, especially if its a STEP import? I do not know off the top of my head if all the imported parts are "fixed" in the assembly. The strange thing for me is why only after the Pack and Go did it all go pear shaped?