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    Errors in the drawing

    Jitendra Gahalot

      hello everybody,

      In the attached drawing , I am not able to find the errors, please have a look on the file and help me finding errors apart from the Title Block..

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          Ned Hutchinson

          not sure about errors cant see them in a pdf

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            Jamil Snead

            I don't know what you mean by "errors", but there are a couple areas where the views do not perfectly represent what you would actually see looking at the part.

            1. The section view should be hatched all the way into the ribs if it is supposed to be cut in half.

            2. I believe the dashed line just inside the outer profile is supposed to represent the theoretical sharp edge of the opposite side of the drafted profile. But the edge of the opposite side is filleted so that hidden line is not an actual edge, it is just a theoretical one. That may be ok but it is not indicated to be theoretical.

            3. Because the counterbores are drafted and have fillets on the edges you theoretically should not actually see any edges from those features in the view on the left.

            4. The 1.906 dimension from lobe to lobe should be 3X. \


            I'm not sure if these are the kind of comments you are looking for, but you question was pretty vague.