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Question asked by Collin Walker on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Chris Dordoni

We have a Mitutoyo cmm with a scanning probe and we regularly use it to go from a customer part to a model.  The problem is the way the CMM outputs the scan data is as a series of points and line segments.  This is fine for me when I make the model, but if the guys in back try and use the geometry to make a program for the machines it tries to do a series of loops because it thinks it's machining a series of flats instead of an arc or angle.  For a time we had the use of Alpha Cam which allowed us to import the scan and convert it to geometry we could use.  We don't have that anymore and need a way to do this.  Manually creating a spline is far to time consuming for the pace of the shop.  I found a tutorial to use a .txt file with the coordinates, but Mcosmos doesn't seem to export the .txt in the format required.  I can export in a great many formats, but I normally use either .iges or .dxf.  Does anyone have any experience with this, or a trick to making this where it isn't so time consuming?  I've attached an example of what Mcosmos exports in .dxf format.