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Is it possible to import sheet metal flat patterns into Composer

Question asked by Allan Bowers on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by Allan Bowers

I want to create some instructions for bending a sheet metal assy.


I can create 'Steps' as individual configurations in SW by suppressing each flat pattern bend sequentially in the order that I want the part to be bent.


When I look at Composer and import/open the model I can only open one Config at a time. I could append each different config to the existing smg file but this seems very time consuming particularly when I have multiple assy's/sub assy's, flat patterns and configs for each step.


Maybe using Display States is an option to get the views I want into Composer????


Is it possible to Flatten the model in Composer? I can't find that anywhere.


The process is very easy in eDrawings once the individual Configs are done, so I thought a similar workflow would be possible in Composer. I would prefer to use Composer as there appears to be more flexibility when producing mftr instr and/or parts manuals etc.


Here is a link to a vid on what I mean by the Step by Step bending process to produce the views in SW.


This quick video shows how to capture the individual bend procedures for a sheet metal part, and then show how you can share that:


From this blog post: