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How to start up and close a SW regardless of the SW is running or not?

Question asked by Yu Duan on Sep 16, 2015



I want to design a programme like SW task scheduler, I can start up a SW and close itself regardless of the SW is running or not.

I check the windows tast manager . If I haved run a SW and then start up a SW task scheduler,, I found two processes of SW. When the task scheduler finished, The SW is runing .

This is what I want to get.


if I ues exitapp(), I found every SW is closed.

In How to start a new instance of solidworks, hidden ,there is some ideas ,like:


Dim mySolidworks() As Process

mySolidworks = Process.GetProcessesByName("SLDWORKS")

If UBound(mySolidworks) > -1 Then

bSWXrunning = True

' connect to existing SolidWorks


' start new instance of SolidWorks

End If



' If SolidWorks is running already, do not close

If bSWXrunning Then

' make SolidWorks visible and give control to user

swApp.UserControl = True

swApp.Visible = True


' may have to kill SolidWorks

mySolidworks = Process.GetProcessesByName("SLDWORKS")





Catch ex As Exception

End Try

End If


are there any ideas?