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Add/Remove Fly-out toolbar buttons without Add-ins

Question asked by Leon Wurr on Sep 15, 2015

     Is there a way to add/remove buttons from the flyout toolbar via macro? (without using add-ins)


     My goal is to have multiple custom flyout toolbars within the same interface by using different shortcuts.













    1. I'm in the Part Editing Interface and would like to start a new sketch on a face with a command that's on the Skecth Flyout toolbar.
    2. Within the Part Editing Interface I would like to have tree different Flyout toolbars, one for Surfaces, other for Sheet Metal and another for Features, each one of them assigned it's own shortcut.


     My approach would be to make a macro that removes the previous buttons from the toolbar and assign new ones each time the shortcut for each sub-procedure (for adding Skecth commands, or Sheet metal commands, or Surface, etc) was pressed.


     Is that feasible?