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Creating an inependent helical text array?

Question asked by Matt Mengel on Sep 15, 2015
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We have a model of a milling cutter used in a horizontal mill. The inserts are arrayed in three helixes around the outside diameter. Our programmers have requested that we number the individual insert pockets. On certain jobs specific inserts need to be removed to create a gap in the cut. There are 30 or so inserts. The programmers would like to be able to convey which inserts need to be removed to the operators via the setup sheets using the model. No problem, right?


Is there a way to extrude a number relative to each insert pocket without having to create 30 separate planes and subsequent sketches and extrusions (or wraps)?


It does not appear that I can create a plane and make an array of the plane. That would save a little time.

I tried to create one line at an angle and have the text follow that but when I get to double digits, the numbers are staggered. Looks goofy.

I can array the text with a curve driven pattern but I don't need thirty pockets all numbered 1.

I can't array sketches.


Can this be done?