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Save as with reference corrupting my original assembly

Question asked by Philippe Vallee on Sep 15, 2015
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I have an assembly with files from different directories.  I want to create a copy of this assembly to a single folder so I can send this assembly to a collaborator.

I selected Save as. Then I ticked Save as copy and continue. Then I clicked the Advance button. Then the Save As with References window opened. I selected all the entry in the Folder column and browsed to the new folder I wanted. Then I selected all the entry in the name column and added the suffix "_new".


The result was catastrophic. The "_new" assembly still had reference to the original parts (without the _new suffix) and the my original assembly had reference to parts with "_new" suffix. I took me half a day to clear up my original assembly from "_new" references !


What is wrong with that ?


I did it twice but the second time I didn't save my original assembly after doing the Save as. The "_new" assembly still had references to the original assembly (which is wrong and make it unusable) but my original assembly didn't get "_new" references, I guess, because I didn't save them.