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Importing Inventor files into SolidWorks 2014?

Question asked by Timothy Thomas on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by Jon Genova

I have several hundred Inventor files to import into SW 2014.


I am able to open an .ipt and an iam in SolidWorks as a DUMB model, then run it thru each part thru recognize feature. However, it does not contain or bring over any part properties.

SolidWorks does not open their idw files?


Read I needed to install Inventor Viewer to open .idw files. Installed that but just get errors when trying to open .idw files.



We use  EPDM, and read in the help site we also need to download Autodesk design reviewer in order to read iProperties that EPDM will pull from to fill out data cards.

I do see the iProperties when I open an Inventor file, but not sure what to do next.


I am extremely frustrated, as I have searched for the  EXACT steps and software I need to use in order to transfer inventor files into SW with all the data that should come over.


Any help would be appreciated.