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Server 2012 deduplication feature

Question asked by Colby Loftesness on Sep 14, 2015


I'm new to the Solidworks environment, and had a quick question regarding data storage. I have contacted support and searched the forums and it doesn't appear that anyone has specifically stated one way or the other regarding the Server 2012 data de-duplication feature. We are running an environment that has a primary site and an off-site replication location for faster access in our international offices. I am looking to save a little bit of space in these locations and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this feature. My main questions are:


1) Is the function compatible with the software, or will it cause issues / corruption / failures?

2) Does this feature impact performance of the software in a significant way?

3) Will we actually see any return on this? If there are no truly duplicate files, we will not have anything to reclaim, but it is my understanding that because of the versioning built into the software that it will retain all changes to all components, which sounds like it could have a lot of duplication.


Thank you for your time!