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    What is the role of "Photo-Real" rendering in your CAD workflow?

    Richard Doyle

      We need your feedback to help tailor the SOLIDWORKS visualization offerings! The SOLIDWORKS team wants to understand how you currently use or could use “Photo-Real” content to accelerate your CAD/Design workflow. The results will be kept confidential and will help shape decisions surrounding visualization technologies and how they could directly benefit your 3D workflow.

      Thank you very much for your participation.



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            James Holland

            That's a very good question and one that should be illuminated, if not to show other users how instrumental it could be then maybe help other user's realize it could be a very useful tool.


            In the not too distant past our company would assemble and print product samples using actual parts to show a prospective customer how it would look if they ordered the product they specified. This could take up to 6 weeks just to get physical components in the right color.


            Not to mention the costs involved with building just one or two of a custom configuration. The setup times alone cost more than the finished product.


            When I came on board almost 6 years ago, I brought with me some skill with the built in renderer. I showed the sales staff and management how realistic a reentered image could look. From that point on sales requested cad renders using the criteria the customer desired. The customer sent the original  artwork, and I changed the components to the requested pms color value. Then applied the OA artwork as a decal, and rendered the image.


            We have been doing that ever since. This has been a big cost savings, and gets an image to the customer in hours instead of days or weeks. In most cases the render looks far better than any photograph we could take.


            A second primary reason is that every product offered for sale in  our catalog has a complimentary cad render image. So Photoview, and Photoview 360 is at the heart of our marketing efforts. Our business has evolved and progressed financially, partly due to the awesome images Solidworks standard renderer has provided.


            J Holland, Neogen Corp.