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Crash = lost work, will SW wake up?

Question asked by Nolton Johnson on Sep 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Mark Olsen

After 14 years of asking, SW will not make a simple SAVE REMINDER like my other CAD software had decades ago!!! I used the SPR procedure but SW says its up to me to make it popular. That is not logical. This is a very simple and very important money saving thing to do and they should just do it!!! SW finally gave me a junk little window that only works at the bottom right and fades away. I don't even notice it any more and that is why I loose work when the software crashes. AutoRecover does not work well, I can't depend on it. Sometimes I can get help from my Carbonite backup. My last request was to give me the simple option of moving the reminder window to the center of the monitor so I can't miss it, but noooo, it is up to me to play their silly social network game of getting ranking. Frankly, I am so sick of wasting time and money redoing my work that I am seriously looking for a better CAD solution. There is a promising one out there that saves my work constantly. I couldn't lose work with that one if I tried. Wake up SW.


Funny, at the bottom of this post window it says "your content was last auto-saved at 6:49 PM". Now it says 6:50, 6:51. It is auto-saving my complaint each minute! Why in the CRAP can't SW give me a simple, simple, simple 20 year old tool to let me do that myself for my design work????