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Cannot create wrap

Question asked by David Belovic on Sep 13, 2015
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I have a serious problem.

I am receiving a mould dwg/dxf (say: dwg1)from my customer which I have to prepare for cnc. Normaly I then import the dwg/dxf into solidworks as 2D sketch entity and extrude it to receive the needed basic shape (so far so good).

And after that I have to wrap another dwg/dxf (say: dwg2) onto this mould (and this is where it all stops for SW) - this is what will be cnc-ed into the basic shape.

The problem is not in the dwg2 - as I also try to wrap the mould from dwg1 with simple drawn sketches (a circle) and the problem persist (see attachment).


It simply cannot create a wrap on the main body.


I tried a lot of options these days and none of it worked - but I know the wrap is perfect on continuous surface (one without the black lines through it) - but I don't have a possibility to create such a surface as I only receive a dwg/dxf file, with which I can only do basic features (try out example test_part.sldprt).


so, the question: HOW CAN I CREATE A WRAP OF "SKETCH 2" onto FEATURE BOSS-EXTRUDE1?? (attached SWDPRT)