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2015 Workgroup PDM Server Restarting

Question asked by Matthew Bennett on Sep 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by Matthew Bennett

We have upgraded to SolidWorks 2015 including PDMWorks Workgroup.

We currently utilize two vaults (two separate servers). One vault upgraded and is running fine. The second vault upgraded but the service continues to stop and restart.

The vault validates and completes validation but after about 7-10 minutes the service will stop, start and re-validate.


The log files show virtually no information as why the service is stopping.

I have attached a pic of the log from the last time this happened as an example of what information is NOT shown. Such as why is it is stopping.


If you need the actual log file please let me know.


Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this and help me get our vault up and running permanently?


Thank you.