Sean Nutley


Discussion created by Sean Nutley on Aug 15, 2007
Can anyone give me a screenshot of their 'Lifecycle' page of theirVaultAdmin program and briefly explain how a user checks in a newdrawing. I'll attach my page and tell you what I'm hoping todo.

A user checks in a completed drawing at the 'To Be Archived'lifecycle and into the SW_Arch project. Users in other departmentscannot access this lifecycle. An administrator makes sure thefilename is correct, moves it to the correct project and changesthe lifecycle to 'Issued for Manufacturing'.  Otherdepartments can now access this file. When an engineer needs torevise a drawing, he checks it out and changes it to the 'Revisionin Progress' lifecycle which other departments have no access to.After the revision is done, he checks it in and an administratorchanges the lifecycle back to Issued for Manufacturing.