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    Aligned Section view not aligned

    Jitendra Gahalot

      @Glenn Schroeder


      I am trying to make a aligned section view but my sectioned view is not aligned to the axis of model for which i am creating this sectioned view. I have attached the .sldprt and pdf files, please have a look.

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          Jeremy Feist

          the section you are trying to re-create is not an aligned section. it is a normal section with the external ribs omitted from the section. to easily re-create that section you will need to model the external ribs with the rib feature so that SW can recognize them as ribs.

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            Matthew Lorono



            After looking at your example, first thing I noticed is that the original drawing appears to be a 2D approximation.  There are several errors in the original drawing as well.


            SOLIDWORKS section view is creating a real cut of your model as it really is.  It is a actual and accurate representation of your part.  As such, a section view is going to show you what cutting the part actually looks like.  There is no way to quickly replicate the mistakes and shortcuts of the original drawing, as these are inaccuracies that 3D model removes from the drafting process.


            However, if you wish to replicate the original drawing as much as possible, you can try a couple of things.  First, you are on the right track with your attempt to make a secion with with dog legs.  However, you don't want an aligned section view since that will show you all of your faces of your dog legs spread out.  If you are using SOLIDWORKS 2012 or older, use the Section View tool (not the aligned section view tool) and draw your lines as you already have.  If you are using SOLIDWORKS, also use the Section View tool, and edit the sketch of your cutting line and change all of the the horizontal lines to construction lines.  This will tell SOLIDWORKS 2013 or newer that you want those lines ignored.  This will get you close to what you are expected.  But, since the part is drafted, it will not appear 100% as you might expect.  So, a second thing you might try instead is to create a configuration of the model with half of the lobes removed.  You can then just create a simple one-segment cutting line.  This will get you must close to the look of the original drawing, but maintaining the accuracy of the model.


            One final note, I noticed that the original drawing has this part as being drafted, but that draft is not reflected in your solid model.  Without the draft, your task is a bit easier (use the first solution I suggested).  I don't know if that was intentional or not.  If the draft is needed, you will need to create a configuration, as noted in my second solution above.


            A third option is to just take the section view as created by SOLIDWORKS since it is an actual representation of the section line cut.  You can do as Jeremy Feist suggested and model those lobes as ribs, and then exclude ribs from the section view in the Properties... dialog.