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Designing from the Assembly Level question - shared vaiables, got tips?

Question asked by Steven Mills on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by Steven Mills

Here is a repeating problem for me. I have an assembly with multiple parts and sub-assemblies, and I need to share a variable across several parts. More importantly I would like to have only one place that controls that variable. Is there something I can set at the top level and have it go down to each sub part and assembly?


A couple of really cumbersome ways I did this before. And I say cumbersome because as time went on, I found links getting broken between parts, assemblies, and design tables. It also became really hard to back-track from the bottom levels to the top level ;


1. Have a top level sketch with the variable as dimensions in the sketch. Then have each part have their own sketch that links to whatever variables are needed in the top one.


2. Use a spread sheet that drove the Design Tables of each individual part and sub-assembly.