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Solidworks quicky. equations for standardizing...input information for automatic generation

Question asked by Dustin Stancato on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2021 by Jeff Zita


Is there a way to set up a "standard" assembly with equations where i could enter several variables and it would automatically update?  For example: I want to set up one for staircase hand railings. i want to have a model set up that i can go into and maybe just have to answer a couple questions like RISE? ; RUN? ; NUMBER OF TREADS? ; LANDINGS? OR TURNS. somthing like that so i am not starting from square one.

i was thinking it would be set up like a 3D sketch that takes path ,that the profile of the handrail would take and that sketch would have relation to a sketch sketch of stairs so when the variables of the stairs change that sketch will change..and i could have baluster or post options set up that would be patterned automatically along that same sketch line .....


spank you very much,