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Transparency Issue

Question asked by robert dattilo on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by S. Casale



     This seems to be a pretty straight foward issue but somethings questionable. I have two parts in an assembly. I want to see through the part to see the other etc. I, in the assembly r.c. the part or do that in the feature tree, & change it to transparent. Next I turn it back to solid shade in the assembly.

I then open the part in it's own file, but it remains transparent there. I don't seem to have the abilitly to change it's transparency in the part itself, except for changing a face's transparency.

      I would think make the part transparent in the assy., then turn the transparency back off in the assembly, & it would be off in the part file, yet it remains clear. There's also only one default configuration.


Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input:

Rob_D SW 2014 Sp4