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    CAM Workflow and Process

    Ken Maren

      We  have just brought CAMWorks in house.    We have not yet added anything to our workflows to deal with this manufacturing process.  I am looking for some input from those of you that have gone through this already.  My understanding is that CAMWorks programming will need a save.  So having the CAD file in a released state will trigger a checkout which we don't want to bump the rev for.  I have other ideas but don't want to cloud anyones thoughts.  Also in the process I would like to notify or seek an approval from our CAM programmer.   Or signal him with a make/buy check box.    Random Thoughts.....   Please let me know how you worked through this process and any pitfalls you may have run into. 





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          Marvin Stettner



          We had the same problem. So we created two solutions:

          1) The ePDM is saving every part as a copy when it changes in our 'released' state.

          2) I added one state after released with only write premission for the tool shop. At most we check some parts and after that the tool shop will start there work. When they're ready and finish there CAM work, they should change the state from 'CAM process'  to 'released' back. The tool shop make versions contents a released revision. Example:

          C 35     will released from the R&D department

          C 36     Change state to CAM process

          C 37     check out

          C 38     work CAM

          C 39     check in

          C 40     Change state to released


          We have the problem that they push the drawings, but today we haven't a solution.



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              Ken Maren

              We ended up going with Insert Part/ using a derived part.   Part gets released, CAM programmer inserts to a new part and gives the file a prefix.   Our programmer has his own workflow for programming.  We run ECN's in ePDM and when he gets notified of an ECN and that part is affected, he can see that his programmed part is referenced and the programmer knows to update his file.   Works well so far.  

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                  Jason Edelman

                  Ken, was going to mention how all CAM data is stored in the .sldprt file and can make them large. So a derived part is a great method to avoid that, as long as files links are maintained and models update without a ton of manual effort.


                  What file name will the 'part' get to designate the CAM file?


                  p.s. - I just noticed this is your post from Sept. 2015... so anyway...


                  Best, Jason