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Check-in not checking newer part compared to vault

Question asked by Brian McElmury on Aug 15, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2007 by Brian McElmury
When checking in a part/assembly into the vault, it is suppose to auto check the part /assembly that is newer than the vault version. I get the icon that the part is newer but pdmworks does not automatically check it. I have to manualy go and check all items that are newer than the vault version.

Is there a toogle somewhere that I can change to do this? On all of our other systems it automatically gets checked if item is newer than vault. I thought it might be a sp issue but this is not the case. I am running SW2007 w SP3.1. I have gone thruthe pdmworks options on various machines and all are the same.

I am at a loss.

Attached is a jpg. It might be a little big since I am running dual monitors