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    Upgrading A Task Add-In

    Greg Thomson

      Is it possible to upgrade a Task Add-In while leaving all the configured Tasks in place?


      Currently, I have to remove the old Task Add-In first resulting in a cascade delete of all related configured Tasks, which in-turn removes all related Actions from the Transitions, etc.


      A real pain to reconfigure.  I seen some information on importing a .cex to upgrade a Task Add-In, but not sure how I would generate the .cex   Install & export on a test vault?




      EPDM2014 SP4

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Greg, one way to do it might be to:


          1. Create a test vault

          2. Right-click on the vault name, click import, browse to where EPDM is installed (normally C:\Program Files\Solidworks EnterprisePDM)

          3. Go in to the Default data folder, and find one of the task CEX files (convert_gb, Design checker, Print)

          4. Import this into the test vault, it will bring the latest SW task addin file as well.

          5. Then, you should be able to drag+drop just the add-in file from your test vault to your production vault without damaging your other task.


          Hope this helps



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              Greg Thomson

              Sorry, I don't think I made it clear that I'm working with my own custom Task Add-Ins.  There are no CEX files anywhere.


              Every time I want to upgrade my custom add-in, I have to remove it first, then add as a new add-in.  The remove process inadvertently deletes all the associated tasks and actions using that add-in (as it should).  A real pain to reconfigure.


              So, I was wondering if there is a way to upgrade the add-in by not removing it first.  I know how to upgrade it locally during development... just replacing the .DLL in place.  Unfortunately, I can't do this with each user.



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                  Tim Webb

                  Greg Thompson, I just saw this post today and thought I would post. Hopefully you got it figured out.


                  Open the task add-in in the add-in node then click the "Files" link below Summary, select the add-in and any other files that need to be updated, and click the "Remove Files" button. Then click the "Add Files..." button to add those individual files back into your add-in package.

                  4-9-2016 5-13-33 PM.png

                  Your configured tasks should remain intact.


                  Tim CEPA


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                      Tyler Johnson

                      This is also what I do but wanted to put in an additional note.


                      Replication expects addin's to always be at version 1.  Doing this will version the addin and break replication of the addin (which is why they tell you to remove your addin in the first place).  But I'm with you, I have an addin used to make ~10 task's and ~60 different actions.  Redoing those every time would be insanity.


                      So every time I update an addin like this I always make sure to go into the server and run a quick SQL command to reset it to 1.


                      You can see this in the knowledge base for S-046063