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Question asked by Bruce Perry on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by Leon Wurr

I have created a series of plates via a design table (42 in total).

I wanted to check the box in the configuration property to 'Use Description in BOM"

I read before that there is no Mass way to do this. However I discovered by using an array

and this piece in the code I could iterate or traverse through each configuration with the

following results:


        boolstatus = swModel.EditConfiguration3(sConfigName, sConfigName, "", "", 544)

        boolstatus = swModel.EditConfiguration3(sConfigName, sConfigName, "", "", 32)


The 544 will check the box where as the 32 does not.

544 and 32 are configuration options.

I don't see where these are defined anywhere.


        boolstatus = swModel.EditConfiguration3(sConfigName, sConfigName, "", "", 544)


Changes the check box to checked and it changes the Bill of Materials options to Configuration name;

which is not what I want but changing it back thru the design table is easy enough. I would rather do

that than go thru each configuration just to check a box, which I have had to do before.

Can anybody tell me what the configurations options are?

Has anyone found an easier way to check the use in bill of materials box in the configurations properties?